Simoncello Facts

A year in Italy, a Masters in Sustainable Development and a healthy lifestyle provided Simon with the perfect recipe for the conception of Simoncello. His eco-friendly and health conscious adaptation of his favourite Italian liqueur allowed him to squeeze two lemons with one juicer, if you know what I mean….because, by producing Simoncello, he could sustain both his fond memories sipping limoncello in Italy, as well as his beautiful home environment, the Biodiversity Hotspot that is the Cape Floristic Region. And stay fit and healthy in the process to Boot.

Simoncello *kicked off* with a handcrafted original limoncello, or ‘liquore di limone’, made from an authentic Italian recipe. Following its success, Simon developed the more daring cinnamon, raspberry, naartjie, chocolate and vanilla flavours. Certain flavours, like raspberry and naartjie, are only produced when the fruits are in season locally, so as to avoid unnecessarily contributing to fossil fuel-based transportation methods.

We believe that the environmental and human health benefits of sourcing and eating organic fruit and vegetables far outweigh the more expensive price tag associated with these products. For this reason, all our main ingredients are strictly organic, and are locally sourced and sustainably harvested wherever possible. Organic sugar is used when available.

Each bottle is made with pure alcohol at approximately 95%, which is produced from a wood fired still at 78°C. The still is observed with unfaltering attention for many tedious hours, following age-old Italian tradition.

The 375ml bottles are designed to be reused for oils and other kitchen products. The smaller 100ml bottles used in the gift pack are ideal for the storage of salts, pepper corns and spices, once the contents have been consumed. In this vein, Simoncello has also designed reusable, recycled brown paper bags, which can double as gift bags or small shopping bags when not transporting one of these finely handcrafted bottles.

We trust that you will enjoy this product responsibly with friends and family. The fruit varieties (lemon, naartjie and raspberry) are best served chilled, and sipped as a digestive after a good meal, while the chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon flavours can be served cold or at room temperature, and are delicious either as a drink on their own, over ice cream, or mixed into a smoothie.

Simoncello – sip it, don’t shoot it.

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