Simoncello and the Blue Bird

Tomorra, tomorra…
…we’ll be trading at the Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market (Albertyn Rd, Muizenberg, 4-10pm) for the first time!
If you’re looking for a wholesome night out away from dem dingy pubs and clubs, this is the place to be. The beautifully converted warehouse is light and fresh and abuzz with life – last Friday I shared a table with a chameleon, a baby chicken and two dogs, as well as my delightful human companions. As for tasty treats, there’re plenty to choose from: curries, burgers, wraps, cakes, brownies, veggie juices, falafels, pizzas…you name it, it’ll be there.
So come and say hi and try our organic liqueurs – limoncello, naartjie, raspberry, cinnamon and vanilla…chococello shots in raw organic chocolate cups…and organic lemon curd…♡

Oh, and we’re running a very special ‘special’ on chococello shots…say no more, you’ll have to come and see for yourself…let’s just say it’s somewhat ridiculous!

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