It’s a Simoncello crema di limone blastoff!

Oh yes, there is a new member of the Simoncello family – crema di limone, or lemon curd, and it’s to-die-for doll.

Each one of the cute little bottles is individually decorated with an Ebony&Ivory ribbon – just choose the one that suits your mood of the day.

And in case you haven’t yet uncovered the versatility of this creamy lemony yummy sweetness…it’s great on toast for breakfast, lunch and supper; use it as a filling for a vanilla sponge cake, cupcakes, home made donuts or lemon meringue pie; add some to whipped cream to make a lemon mousse; spread it thickly over crumpets dripping with butter; add a dollop to greek yoghurt for breakfast, or to ice-cream for pud, or to a blueberry, creme fraiche and nutella pancake for tea; use it as a topping for a lemon cheescake; mix it with some tarragon and you have a delish fish sauce; or just eat it by the spoonful out the jar when no-one’s looking…
You really can’t go wrong, whatever you choose to do with it…

Simoncello – all in the name of a smile or three. Mmm mmm mmm.

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