Simoncello and the Blustery Day

Hold onto your hats……and tables – it’s Winds-day, Piglet!

It was a windy wintery day at the Hermanus Country Market on Saturday, but many a brave soul ventured out to the market nevertheless. Their efforts were rewarded with an array of delicious treats, including Simoncello’s half-price chocolate shots. Mmmmmm!

Click here to hear what Pooh himself had to say about the weather.

Did I hear you say “half price chocolate shots”…?

Despite the boreal weather conditions, Simoncello sold just as fast as the hotcakes at the Hermanus Country Market on Saturday morning!

We can’t wait to go back for more this Saturday – with bottles big and small, tre-packs and chocolate shots.

So why not bundle up snug and come and join us in this bustling seaside village surrounded by snowcapped mountains? One swig of Simoncello (or a hot cup of tea) and you’ll be toasty!

What’s more, there’ll be free tastings and half price chocolate shots all day. No need to whip out your magnifying glass at this point – there is NO fineprint.

Hailing oranges and lemons

We sure got a good dose of Vitamin C at the Orange and Lemon Festival at the Stellenbosch Slowmarket on Saturday – lemonade, limoncello, naartjie liqueurs, orange chocolate, lemon cheesecake, lemon and lime toffee…the list goes on….and the weather was even sufficiently cold and wet (sporting the odd hail shower) to warrant the immune boost!