Scientific proof that chocolate is good for you

It’s no joke – chocolate is essential for good health. As for dark and organic chocolate liqueur, even better.

Read all about it in this recent article from the Huffington Post.

So…see you next Sunday for your Simoncello liquore de cioccolato health kick, straight from the Boot itself. Doctor’s orders!

Atlantic Beach Farmers’ Market, Sunday 1 July 2012, 10am-2pm


A lifelong buildup of unsatisfied chocolate cravings is a very serious thing. So, in a week and a day’s time, we will be providing you with the chance to relieve every single chocolate craving you’ve ever had. Ever, in your entire life.

The offer: Simoncello liquore de cioccolato (made with Lindt chocolate) sipped from melt-in-your-mouth organic chocolate shot glasses.

The place: Atlantic Beach Farmers’ Market

The date: Sunday 1 July 2012

The time: 10am-2pm

Be there, or expect to be scheduling a doctor’s appointment for severe chocolate deprivation in the very near future.

Orange and Lemon Festival

Oranges and lemons? A festival? Say what?!

True as Bob, on Saturday 7 July, the Stellenbosch and Willowbridge Slowmarkets will be celebrating the Cape’s winter citrus season with their famous Orange and Lemon Festival. Simoncello will have a feature table at both venues.

Think lemon cheesecake, lime chocolates, West Coast oysters drizzled in lemon reduction, sweet and sour orange sauce sirloin rolls, citrus salads, naartjie and lemon Simoncello…

…And you thought the bells of St Clement’s were just jabbering away again? Tut tut.

Hope to see you there, ready for a mid winter Vitamin C immune boost!