Labels of love

In no time at all (ok, just a little), Simoncello will be launching not one, but THREE, tastebud-tickling new flavours: chocolate, naartjie and vanilla. Watch this space, but in the meantime check out the labels created by our genius graphic designer, Paul Carstens.

Lemon, Cinnamon and Raspberry are currently available in individual bottles or tre-packs.

Happy Sunday :)

It’s nearly the last weekend of the month! Besides being a happy one for most of us (ka-CHING), it’s also time for Simoncello’s next appearance at the Atlantic Beach Farmers’ Market…so we’re talking TRIPLE LEMON HAPPY.

Lemon, Cinnamon and Raspberry will be available for purchase.

8-1pm, this Sunday 27th May, Atlantic Beach Golf Estate Leisure Centre. Hope to see you there, cashing in for your share of the happy.

Cold winters are so last season

It’s bitterly cold out there, so we’d like to show our genuine concern to anyone who’s not indoors with a fire crackling in the hearth and a bottle of Simoncello alla cannella to warm the cockles of their heart.
Or kicking back in a steamy┬áhot fizzball bath, shot glass at hand, candles burning all around…
There may be a slab of Sea Salt Lindt in the picture, a record playing on the turntable, the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof…

Aye, winter’s just not something that’s worth losing terminal phalanges over…so rather be prepared and stock up on Simoncello before the frost sets in. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Fun at the olive festival

The olive fest was a blast! Simoncello flowed fast, tre-packs sold like hotcakes, and orders were placed for more. Customers were simply smiling smiling smiling. Hey, we even landed a groupie!

Riebeek Valley Olive Festival 5-6 May

Go slow with Simoncello at the annual Riebeek Valley Olive Festival this weekend!

Cinnamon, Raspberry and original Lemon will be waiting in their bottles, all ready to go, on their own or in tre-packs. Yum yum num num.

Check out for everything you need to know.

Vote OLIVE – see you there!

“If I were President, I’d send everyone to the Simoncello tent”
~ Olive Oyl